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  • Figs are one of the earliest fruits grown by man. They have an incredibly delectable flavor thatis somewhat like a raisin, less intense than a date, but still creamy and sweet.
    Our naturally sun-dried figs are grown in Meghri region, Armenia, which is known for its sweet and exceptional figs the best figs in the world. Our sweet, chewy and crunchy figs are handpicked and contain no chemical preservatives.
    Natural figs have variations in color from light tan to rich dark brown. As the figs ripen, thenatural sugars within the fruit start to come to the surface and form a light layer of white sugar crystals on the outer skin, enhancing the taste of these exceptionally sweet natural figs.
    Fresh or dried, figs are a powerhouse of nutrition. These naturally sweet fruit with large amounts of vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, fiber and low fat is considered a refreshing healthy food to be included invegetarian, vegan and raw diets.Younger-looking skin, luscious hair, better digestion and aid in weight lossare just a few of the many benefits of figs.