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  • Apricot lavash is a type of fruit leather made from fresh fruit pulp of apricots on dried sheets which possesses rubbery and soft texture with sweet and somewhat sour taste.

    Tasty, moist and pleasantly chewy, this fruit leather is prepared from fresh and juicy ”Sateni” apricot. Fruit pulp of apricots is mixed with sugar and water by turning into a paste, dried afterwards in the sun and cut into these delicious apricot sheets.

    Our natural apricot fruit leather is brimming with bright apricot flavor and is made from 100% natural ingredients without any type of food coloring or preservatives.Whole pitted quality apricots are subject to stringent cleaning and inspection process to ensure a product free of foreign matter and fermentation.

    Sweetened with fruit juice, our diced sun-dried apricot lavash is a pleasantly sweet snack to take on the go with some amazing health benefits when eaten regularly alongside a balanced diet. A must-try for anyone, both children and adults, with an affection for apricots.