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  • CAD$11.00

    Diced into small pieces these fruit rolls are easy and fun to eat satisfying your craving for… something tasty and chewy to snack on!
    100% naturally grown, picked & dried plum fruit leather is an exceptionally tasty, chewy, dried fruit product. It is made by pouring pureéd fruit onto a flat surface for drying. Once a dry shiny leathery texture has been attained they are rolled up, weighed, cut to size and packed. This puree,a natural humectant, is high in sorbitol and has a tangy flavor similar to molasses. Plum lavashis a gluten-free food made from GMO-free plums.We do not use any type of food coloring and preservatives. Whole pitted quality plums are subject to stringent cleaning and inspection process to ensure a product free of foreign matter and fermentation.

    Plum lavash with its amber to brown color and sweet, mildly tart flavor is one of our most unique products, something you won’t find at the grocery store. So buy sweets online instead!

    Consuming fruit leather, low in calories, is an economic and convenient value-added substitute for natural fruits as a source of various nutritional elements for adults and kids alike.If you have kids, they’re going to love unwinding these plum fruity treats!